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If you have unfiled returns, here is a GREAT piece of advice, Have the same person that is communicating with the IRS on your behalf (your POA),be the same person that prepared and filed the returns for you.  Think about it, you have no communication gap between the tax preparer, your POA and the IRS.  AND you end up paying less because you hired one person not two.  And then have the same person that got you out of trouble be the same person that does your returns for the next few years.  This is so you will STAY OUT OF TROUBLE.  It makes a lot of sense right.  Of course, I would not suggest these things unless we could provide themto you. 

Unfortunately, most attorneys DO NOT do tax returns so they take money from the client and then tell them to go get their returns done??  Most people say “I can’t, I just gave you all my money” This is why we have the same person who is the POA, file the returns as well.  AND, if they do your returns each year for the next year or two,don’t you get FREE ADVICE? As a client you get to ask a lot of questions. Again it makes sense.


There are many things you can do and some of what I mentioned above in the unfiled return section would apply. We can reconstruct records using methods and standards the IRS will accept. Please understand that you would not be the first person we have helped that did not have complete records so there are things we can do.  The biggest thing is to get started and we will guide you.

James Shelton


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