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Helping people with unfiled returns is about 75% of our business.  It is our specialty. If you have a lot of unfiled returns, you ARE giving the IRS more time to collect this debt from you.   You may think this is just too much work and you don’t know where to start.   And you think you don’t have the money to handle this.  Don’t worry, just give us a deposit and pay us something every two weeks and we WILL get this started and finished.  Trust me, other than your family it is the most important thing in your life right now.  The IRS can refer your case to the Criminal Division, they CAN Fine you per tax year, and they can assess additional penalties and FILE RETURNS FOR YOU.  If they file returns for you, they will give you the HIGHEST ASSESSMENT POSSIBLE.  Then you have to prove that they are wrong.  If we get in quickly we can Show the IRS the TRUE amount you may owe and avoid all of what I just mentioned. We will put a HOLD on your account so we can get all this work done. Most strategies with the IRS are OFF the table until we get your returns filed.   As you may already know if you talked to them, they are very unhelpful if you have unfiled returns.    They only have 10 years to collect this debt, but it’s from the time they find your unfiled returns.  So you are giving them a lot more time to chase your through life. WE WILL STOP THAT .Even if the amount seems too great to overcome, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you owe 3,000 or 300,000.  If you cannot pay either amount, your case may be treated the same way.  Broke is broke no matter how much you owe right.  And if you are broke, get excited!! You qualify for every program they have!!  AND, if that is the case, we now know you CAN NOT PAY the IRS what they are asking.  So now we just have to figure out HOW you’re NOT going to pay this balance.  With us, the IRS will not ask you for amounts that you are not capable of paying.  We will beat them over the head with common sense.

Most people we help fit into two categories.  First, if they file all their returns and cross every “T” and dot every “I”, they will STILL owe more than they can pay in a lifetime.  In this case it is less important how much you owe, but more about what your final agreement with IRS is.  The second category of unfiled returns is that they may be able to file all the returns properly and get rid of this debt in a few years.  And then there are the people that are somewhere in between.  The question is which one are you?  We will tell you and direct you accordingly.  Just remember, not even one of our clients have benefited by waiting so let’s convert this click into a commitment to get started. You lose so many things by waiting, including some of your tax payer rights, which may reduce your ability to execute certain tax reduction strategies.  Again, most are off the table until we get your returns filed and filed the RIGHT WAY.

James Shelton


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