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I went to the Conferences that these Professionals attend.    Some are there to teach other Professionals, and some go to continue their education and improve their knowledge.  I find, and talk to the individuals that have greater success with the IRS and have proven that they are proficient in this area of Tax Law.  I simply tell them that, I have people in their area of the country that have tax problems.  I then I ask them if they would be willing to help me, and make sure these people get to work with someone reputable and DON’T GET RIPPED OFF.  That is really what I say.  And lucky for you, and me, they are more than willing to help you.  In some cases,some tax professionals will see my website or my letter and ask to work with my company. So I find good people that way as well. In many cases you can meet with them locally, but they all can practice in all 50 states. I also have a program in which I will do a Headhunting search to find someone LOCAL for you.


And it explains a lot.  I go to these conferences for people that Represent Tax Payers before the IRS.  People from all around the country show up at theses conventions. Attorneys, CPA’s and Enrolled agents attend.  Initially, I was there to learn the business to see how I could help someone like you.   What I noticed is a lot of these Tax Professionals in the room didn’t need the education they just needed the continuing education credits. They know this stuff well enough to teach it in a lot of cases.  Some actually did teach from time to time.  So, here were all these people at these events that I would describe as; experts, highly knowledgeable, ethical, trustworthy, conscientious and decent to talk to.  Now here is the amazing part.  In talking with them, I found that these people with ALL of these qualities did NOT have a lot of clients.  I was shocked. And it’s partly because that’s the way they want it.  But it’s also because they did not know how to get to someone like you.  Like I said they don’t have TV commercials, large websites and marketing materials that reach you.  They only serve their local community and the people that know them.  Again here are all these brilliant people that want to help you, and do it reasonably priced, but there was no way for them to find you.  And you are in the same boat.  You’re looking for people you can trust but it is very difficult to find them sometimes.  I think I’ve solved the “who to hire” problem for a lot of people around the country. They can represent people in all 50 states and would love to help.  So now you know how Tax Advisors Resource was born. The people I work with are truly the best of the best and they are ready to help.  They are ALL available to talk to you.  You can get better representation in literally 5 minutes.  Again this is the business model I put together to help you avoid the rip-offs.

James Shelton


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