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I know you probably skipped over everything I said to get to this section. So yes, there is a program with the IRS that will let you negotiate a settlement with the IRS.  Meaning, you say to the IRS “I cannot pay you the amount I owe so I want to settle for a lesser amount”.  That is the general Idea but there are many things you need to know.  First, the biggest thing we can do for you in this area, is tell you the truth.  And the truth is, just because you are a candidate for an OIC doesn’t mean you should file one!  And if you are NOT a candidate for an OIC, then there is no one better to tell you then the people I work with.  They will never file an OIC unless it is the right thing for you and we have an excellent chance for success.  Before I tell you why it may not be the best thing for you, let me give you some insight to all the “pennies on the dollar” firms. The reason that a lot of these firms are getting shut down is because they tell EVERYONE that they are good candidates for the OIC program.  They don’t care if they succeed, they only care that you pay them lots of money.  And they will tell you anything to get you to send a check or get your credit card number.   “They took the money, they didn’t do anything and they won’t call me back”. This is where the Rip-Off happens and this is where I get the calls from people that hired one of the Large Tax Resolution Firms on TV.   I know you want this tax debt to go away, but don’t get fooled by people that tell you everything you want to hear.  I think this is where people hire us.  When people talk to me they must get a feeling that “this guy is not SELLING me”.  He sounds like he is being honest because he is not telling me just what I want to hear.  You need to know that there are many ways to reduce or eliminate tax debt.  Remember, “ if we know you cannot pay it, we just have to figure out HOW you’re not going to pay it”.  So even if you are a good candidate for an OIC, we will give you ALL your options because we plan to see this through to the end.   So here are a few of the Details you need to think of in filing an OIC.   You WILL give the IRS more time to collect from you because you WILL extend the collection Statute if you’re OIC Fails.  The IRS only approves 17% of the OIC’s submitted nationally.  If you hire the WRONG FIRM to file it for you, then your odds go down even more.  If you get an OIC approved and then, in the next five years you make another mistake with the IRS, then your offer is cancelled and the original debt is reinstated with interest and penalties.  So if you’re not perfect after the OIC then it can explode in your face.  You may be a BETTER candidate for a Tax Bankruptcy!! Yes you can discharge some taxes in bankruptcy.  Yes you need to know which one is better for you.  Why don’t other firms talk about bankruptcy, because they don’t make money on bankruptcies or giving you good advice.  That’s not what they do. I will talk about the Bankruptcy issue in another section.  Again, there are many issues in filling an OIC. You need someone to tell you what all of them are and make sure it is right for you.  I am giving you reason to proceed with caution, but keep in mind, I work with people that use to work as “OFFER IN COMPROMISE SPECIALISTS” with the IRS!!If there was any place to go to get an Offer In Compromise filed and approved, it would be here!  Make no mistake, we will give you honest advice and if it’s right for you, then congratulations because you have the Best of the Best working to get your OIC APPROVED!

James Shelton


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