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One, I (and YOU) get to work with the BEST of the BEST around the country!! Not just be limited to the people that live in my area.  I’m a smart guy because I get to talk to smart people all day long. I think it’s a great plan. Many times it gives a client the chance to work with someone local.

Two, I have heard the horror stories for years of people being ripped off over and over again. So I wanted to provide a resource you could use to avoid that nightmare. The worst thing that can happen to a person that has put this Tax thing off for so long, is to finally get the motivation to solve their problem only to hire the wrong firm and get ripped off.  It is absolutely devastating.  I will say it again “this will not happen to you” but only if you work with the same people I’m working with.

Three, the way I set this company up, puts me in the same boat you are. In that, I need to be able to trust the people I am working with just like you do.  I have no time in my day for complaint calls and people telling me the guy I’m working with is a jerk and he doesn’t know anything and won’t return my phone calls. In the years I have been doing this I have never had a complaint with any State or Federal Agency EVER! And it is because of the people I work with. AND you don’t have to take my word for it.  You can talk to them personally. You have immediate access to them.  Just call

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