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Case in point, some firms will give you a Power of Attorney that does NOT have a Tax Professionals name on it, or it will have 4 or 5 names on it.  This is because they have NO IDEA who will be working your case.  AND YOU DON’T EITHER.  It’s a bad idea and a bad result if you hire them.

With my company, you only work “one on one” with the Power of Attorney that you started with.  They DO NOT transfer your case to anyone else and there is only ONE name on you Power of Attorney.  They have 20 to 40 years of experience, they are “solely responsible” for your case and there is no one to pass the buck to.  It is truly the best way to solve a tax problem.  And it makes all the sense in the world.   If you work with someone that can prove their credentials, that have superior skills, and have a small case load, you will have a better outcome. Your representation is only as good as the “Power of Attorney” who is RESPONSIBLE for your case. Don’t hire a firm, hire a person!  Do NOT give your money to anyone until you have confirmed who your POA is and confirm what his or her credentials are. You cannot hold a company accountable as much as you can an individual with a license to protect.  This is what I’m offering you. You can confirm credentials and work with someone one on one.  They do exactly what they say they are going to do.  They have a much better report with the IRS because they speak the language.  They answer their own phone just like I do.  And just a reminder, you can talk to them right now. You don’t have to wait.

James Shelton


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