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The short answer is no. Not until you have a firm understanding of what you want to accomplish with the IRS. If you owe a significant amount of money and have assets, the financial information form is the roadmap the IRS needs to seize assets or levy a bank account or your paycheck. Or Best case scenario, you give them information and they give you a payment you cannot afford. If the payment amount matters to you, then get some help from someone who knows how to use the financial forms to present you in the best possible position. There are things that the IRS will accept and that you should take advantage of them. If you don’t do then it’s just too bad and too late.  One of the reasons it is so hard to get financials done on your own, is that the IRS has hired many new employees so (by their own statistic, they only give the right answers 65% of the time) which means they are WRONG 35% of the time.  So they don’t know what they are doing and you don’t either!  So you have two people, who are new to this, trying to get you the best deal.  Not a good situation. So get it done right.  ALL of your solutions and the amount you will finally pay,revolve around your financials. Trust me, getting help with it will pay for itself.

James Shelton


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