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Installment Agreement

This is an “important make or break” situation.  Installment agreement is a repayment plan but the important part is HOW MUCH WILL YOUR PAYMENT BE?  The IRS may require financial forms if you owe more than 25,000.  By having us represent you we will position you in a better light.  There are things you can do in the process of submitting financials that you need to know.  Your final payment to the IRS can be GREATLY different if it’s not done right.  If the payment amount matters to you, and for 99% of our clients is matters a lot, then let’s get more time to do this the right way.  Most of the time, we are able to get you more time before you have to begin paying.   This can help you with your personal bills. Once you give them the financials they can simply disallow expenses and give you a very high payment.  Then you are stuck.  If you miss a payment because it’s so high, your Installment agreement will be in default.  It is then sent back to collections.  There they begin the levies on wages or bank accounts again.  It is a very bad cycle but it is one we see very often.  If you recall I said “we know you cannot pay it,  so now we just have to find out HOW you’re not going to pay it”  Well if you qualify, you can get a payment plan that would only pay a portion of the Tax Debt. It’s based AGAIN on your financials and you ability to pay not on HOW MUCH you owe.  In this case you would NOT pay the full amount you owe.

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