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In 10 years from the date the IRS assessed you, your tax problem should expire on the collection statute.  Meaning that the tax debt is 100% gone! They cannot collect from you anymore.  UNLESS, you do what all other taxpayers do and give them more time.  Yes, you can, by not doing the right thing, give the IRS more time to collect from you.  It is highly likely that you are doing it now. Even just doing nothing can give the IRS more time.  If you take action and it’s the wrong action then you will give them more time.  It is very common and the IRS WILL NOT TELL YOU how to get rid of them sooner. WE WILL.  The list of things that can extend the life of tax debt is great.   Again if you only owe a small amount then I guess it may not matter, but if you owe a significant amount then don’t add years to the life of your tax debt.  When you hire an expert that has your interest in mind, you will end this tax debt as quickly as possible.  Before you execute a strategy it is important to know how all things fit together. For example, Offer in Compromise, Bankruptcy, Assessment date and collection statues, unfiled returns and appeals you may file on your own, can give more life to your tax debt.  So we look at ALL possibilities very carefully.  We take a big wide view of your issue and make sure that it all fits together.  Let’s get rid of this tax debt forever not just stabilize things for 90 days. Is it fair to say that you may need help with the IRS on an ongoing basis?  You may have questions in the future? You may get notices from the IRS that you need answers to. Again, get someone in your life that knows this stuff and is an Advocate for you.  It is WELL worth the money.  As they always say, it’s cheaper to do it right the first time then it is to fix mistakes.

James Shelton


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