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Well, if you have a Revenue Officer assigned to you, you’ll know it very soon. They are usually assigned to cases that are higher dollar amounts and to cases that have unfiled returns.

If you get contacted by a Revenue Officer, you are allowed to simply and politely tell them that you are being represented by a Power of Attorney and getting help with this matter.  Then get on the phone and just call us and we will call him or her that day!That will be the last time you will ever need to talk to the IRS for this tax matter.  We will handle ALL communication with the IRS until you have an arrangement with the IRS.

IMPORTANT, if you have a Revenue officer assigned to you and you owe a significant amount of money.  The list of people that are qualified to help you is very small. You DO NOT want to hire anyone that does not know the Revenue Officers job inside and out.  Otherwise they will take any action they want because the RO knows you don’t know the rules. Another good reason to start soon is that we have calmer waters to operate in if you DON’T have an RO assigned.  The reason is that they push the pace much harder and they ask more detail questions.  The reason they ask more questions is simply that they want to know where the money and assets are to LEVY them.  They are COLLECTIONS people. Some are reasonable and others act like it’s THEIR MONEY.  So it helps to be able to have a quiet place to work without an RO pushing us to give them information we are not ready to give.  Let’s start before you get to that point. The IRS has ramped up the number of Revenue Officers in the last two years and they are hitting the streets now.  Please don’t wait there is no benefit.  They have many ways of finding assets.  Even though you have not heard from them yet, does not mean you don’t have an RO looking at your case to find potential levy sources.  Sometimes the way they make contact is to get your attention, by taking money out of your bank account or giving a levy notice to your employer.

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