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First, it does NOT cost a thing to talk to me.  I am a great person to know if you have a tax problem.  I am told I’m easy to talk to and give people a better night sleep after we talk.  In regard to fees, our firm will give you a flat fee based on the amount of work being done.  The most interesting thing is that when I here quotes that people are given from other companies, I have to just shake my head.  First, they don’t do the work or don’t do it properly and second they are at least $1000 to $4000 higher than we are.  Again, the reason it’s so strange is that the people I work with are infinitely more skilled and they charge infinitely less.  It’s a great deal for you.  AND we can take payments.  Now keep in mind that we work as we are paid so you don’t want to string this out for very long.   The IRS will not wait forever.   So let’s talk and I will give you a clear understanding of what the fees are and let you know what has to be done.

James Shelton


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