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One of the things I hear a lot when people call us AFTER they have already hired another firm is “They took the money!! They didn’t do the work!! And now they won’t return my phone calls”!!  I hear that every day.  Again, the information I’m going to give you, is extremely important.  It will help you avoid that situation and it will help you regardless of whether you hire us or any other firm. When people talk to me on the phone or in person they say two things to me most often.  One of them is “James, thank you for your honesty, you have been very helpful”.  The other is; “James I got so much information about my tax problem but I chose to work with you because your approach WAS different, as you said, and when I called you, I just got a good feeling about you”. I think the reason they get that feeling, is that I mix in a lot of common sense with a lot of honesty.   I take ALL calls to inquire about our services not a sales rep.  Yes, like the people I work with, I answer my own phone.   I am not a referral agency; I stay with you for the duration of your case to make sure everything goes as smoothly as I said it would.  I am a true partner with these tax professionals and we have teamed up to offer you a something better. ALL fees quoted include EVERYTHING and there is no added fee to talk to me.

You have heard it said many times “knowledge is Power”.  So let me start by saying, having a website is not enough!!All of the companies you see on TV  or on the internet, that are currently being shut down or have already been shut down because of State Attorneys offices or Federal Regulators, had two things in common.  One, they all ripped people off and two, they all had really great websites. So a website is not enough to determine integrity and honesty. Some of the largest Tax Resolution companies out there are the ones being sued.  I will give you all the information you need to tell the difference between the marketing firms and the people that really do this work well. Sometimes you just need to have a conversation.  You need to hear someone talk and explain things to get a feel for who you are going to be dealing with. I have made it partially possible I think by the way we set up this website.  It’s like a Get IRS Help Seminar and I am here to answer any question you have.

James Shelton


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