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I know these websites are all the same and they tell you all the things they can do.  I will cover those things individually but it is extremely important to figure out how to hire someone first.  All of the great things that CAN be done for you will NEVER happen if you choose the wrong person.  If you do your homework and find a person that has, 30 years of experience, that’s not part of a large volume firm, will work with you one on one, who answers his own phone, trust me it will all work out. Once again, that is a description of the people you can talk to by using this website.  So let me give you some background information first and an overview of how to avoid bad tax firms.   So First, “BIGGER IS NOT BETTER”

In the Tax Resolution business, bigger is not better.  For anything as important as this, you need more personal and one on one attention.  Just like a financial planner or family doctor.  The fewer clients they have the better service you will get. It’s just common sense right? 

The people that do this work the best DO NOT work for large “boiler room” firms. PERIOD!Because of the QUALITY of the work they do, they would NEVER work for a “High Volume” tax resolution company. When you get to their level of expertise, you don’t work for a company, people work for you.  They usually work by themselves with one assistant.  They service their local community of CPA’s, Attorneys and Accountants that send their clients to them.  They do not have big websites, TV ads, and large marketing machines behind them.  Everything they do is by referral and word of mouth.  As you can imagine this is what makes it difficult for someone like you to find them. But, I think I have solved this problem for you.

These professionals only take a few cases per month.  That is all.  If you work with someone that takes too many cases per month you will not get quality service.  Some attorneys I have talked to have more than 300 active cases. The Tax practitioners I work with have 50 to 30 sometimes as low as 10?Now you tell me, who will be able to react quicker to your problem? Who will be able to RETURN PHONE CALLS? Who will have the time to talk with you?  Who will work with you one on one and not through a case worker?  Someone with 300 cases, or someone with 30 cases?  I think you know the answer to that.

James Shelton


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