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First let me say that if you need someone to call the IRS on your behalf, there is no better person to call, then someone that USED TO WORK THERE.  I don’t know if there is a secret hand shake, but I can say they know the IRS like no one else!! I can tell you accurately, because I work with many of them every day. They are extremely good.  I have people that I work with that held many IMPORTANT positions inside the IRS.  Such as, “Offer in Compromise Specialist”, “Appeals Officer”, “Revenue Officer” / “Revenue Officer Manager”, “Territory Manager” and the Bankruptcy Insolvency Unit.  They worked at the IRS, and were responsible for managing a case load for 30+ years.  ALL OTHERS ARE ONLY LEARNING WHAT THEY ALREADY KNOW. PERIOD!! ALL Tax Representatives must know and follow the Internal Revenue Manual just like the people that work at the IRS. Some tax professionals study the manual and some DON’T.

Numerous times these Ex-IRS people would tell me, that when they worked for the IRS, that some Attorneys, that didn’t know the Collections Process or the Manual, would threaten the IRS.  And they would roll their eyes because they knew he didn’t know what he was doing, and took some ones money and he was only learning on the job.  This is not limited to attorneys of course.   Again, these Ex-IRS professionals have skills that are second to none.  The most shocking thing is that they are some of the NICEST PEOPLE THAT YOU WOULD EVER WANT TO MEET!!  I know others will tell you stories about Ex-IRS people, but none are true and they really want to use their skills and knowledge to help you.  They retired and most of them love being the good guy now.  AND these people DO NOT have 300 cases.  AND they do not cost as much, which, is another surprising thing.

Point in fact, one of the Ex-Irs persons I work with, has about 15 Active cases and is cheaper than the rest.  She had been with the IRS for 34 years as a Revenue Officer and Revenue Officer Manager.  She was in the Collections Division of the IRS for 34 years.  And because she wants to do quality work, she only has 15 cases.  ALL OTHERS ARE ONLY LEARNING WHAT SHE ALREADY KNOWS.  SHE WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU!! She is OVER qualified for your case.  You are not going to ask her a question about your collection case that she doesn’t know the answer.  But if you do, all Ex-IRS people have sources on the inside of the IRS they can get answers from.   She has plenty of time to talk to you.  She answers her own phone and you will be given her Cell Phone as well. You will work one on one with her.  She is one of the nicest people I know.  I have dozens of people that fit this description.  Again, you have immediate access if you wish. She doesn’t have a giant website, doesn’t have a TV Ad and probably didn’t send you a letter. This is the essence of my business model.  I am providing access to people (not just Ex-IRS but CPA’s and Enrolled Agents) that you would not be able to find typically. These are the people that do this work the best and you can call them any time you would like.

James Shelton


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