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The single best reason not to wait is the bank or wage levy.  When you get a levy, the IRS Freezes your bank account for the amount of the levy or they garnish your wages.  In the case of the wage levy they will leave you very little money to pay bills. Sometimes they can take 75% of your paycheck.   Most people can no longer pay their bills.  DO NOT WAIT because the IRS will not wait to levy you.  We have all the skills needed to release all kinds of levies, but when you get a levy it accelerates everything.  Now we have to accomplish everything before your next paycheck or before the bank sends your money to the IRS.  If we make contact with the IRS before a levy, there is no telling how much additional time we may get for you. Then you can pay us as planned and we have calmer waters to operate in.  It is a big difference after they send out the levy so let’s get started and get a HOLD on your account.   The people I work with are second to none when it comes to PREVENTING and RELEASING Bank and Wage Levies.  It is much easier to prevent a levy than it is to release one so start NOW.  You don’t have to pay a lot to get us started to prevent a lot of pain and anguish.

James Shelton


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