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It is important to know that in order to represent someone before the IRS; you must be one of three things:  An attorney, CPA or an Enrolled Agent.  BUT, just because you are one of those three things doesn’t mean you are any good or competent to represent someone.  Only an Enrolled Agent gets training in IRS Representation as part of their licensing.  Attorneys and CPA’s have to pass their Exam and then go out and learn how represent someone with an IRS issue.  In short THEY ALL have to get additional education beyond their license to do this work competently.  As you can imagine, some learn the material and have experience and SOME DON”T.  All of the people I work with have done the work and have done it for years.  I don’t work with attorneys much.  In some states I can and some I can’t.  I am much more comfortable with the same person doing the returns that is communication with the IRS. It’s Because of cost and convenience for our clients.  And most attorneys’ practice all types of law and may have many different types of cases.  DUI, Family law and Corporate Law.  I only work with people that Eat, Drink and Sleep Tax Problems and the Collections Division of the IRS. 


NO! Ok technically they can but here is why you should not let them.  Most CPA’s and EA’s do not want these cases but when they see what you might potentially pay for help, they seem to want the money.  Here is the important point.  They want to help but they are NOT QUALIFIED.  The reason that they are not qualified is that they DO NOT talk to the Collections Division of the IRS every day.  They are NOT experts in this field.  It would be like sending a Plumber to do an Electricians job.  What I have seen is that these CPA’s charge the same or more but they do have the experience.  So if you’re not going to save money, hire someone that knows what they are doing.   Some people will try to save money and get their CPA to do this “on the cheap” as they say.  I don’t even know you, but I think we can agree, that every smart person in your life would probably tell you to get a Specialist right? This issue is the most important thing in your life.  It will prevent you from doing everything; having a bank account, a retirement plan and in some cases a good job.  If you can afford it, pay the money and get Experienced and Professional help.

James Shelton


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